Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Results of the selection commitee for Accented Residency 2010

We would like to thank everybody who expressed an interest in Accented Residency British Council’s Creative Collaborations. The selection panel for 2010 edition of Accented Residency took place at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo on the 14th and 15th May.

The selection committee comprising William Wells (Director, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo), Livia Pancu (Residency Coordinator, Vector Association, Iasi), Eva Langret (Residency Coordinator, Delfina Foundation, London), David Martin (Programme Manager, Spike Island, Bristol) and Oyku Ozsoy (Residency Coordinator, Platform Garanti CAC) looked at 160 applications and created a shortlist of 43 artists. Christine Tohme (Director, Ashkal Alwan, Beirut) was unable to attend the meeting for personal reasons and the applications were later sent on to Ashkal Alwan for evaluation.

The final selection of eight applicants for Accented Residency 2010 was based on the match between each chosen applicant and the hosting institution's interest, quality of applicants work as indicated by submitted visual documentation, demonstration of a serious and consistent dedication to the professional practice of visual arts, and evidence that the applicant is at a critical juncture in the development of their artistic practice, which they jury believe will be advanced by the residency.

After having experience of the first year of Accented Residency, partner institutions agreed that this residency program creates a unique opportunity for artists and curators, especially in that it requires no end product as other residencies so often do, thereby freeing participants towards a more critical and reflective engagement rather than a product oriented or static sense of obligation. In addition the Accented Residency allows for a valuable research opportunity in terms of supporting travel between the partner institutions and their locations, a freedom of movement that is still incredibly limited within the region. Finally it stimulates interaction between residents and hosting institutions, and various projects have flourished beyond the residency period.

British Council's Creative Collaboration grant has generously supported Accented Residency for two successive years. However, given the immense interest in this program, the intention of partner institutions is always to raise further funding in order to continue this program and give residency opportunities for additional individuals in forthcoming years. Accented Residency will take place again next year, but with a more tailored focus for each participating institution, the details of which will be announced in the beginning of 2011.

The individuals selected for Accented Residency 2010 are:

Ashkal Alwan
Mohammad Allam, Egypt

Delfina Foundation
Tayfun Serttas, Turkey

Platform Garanti CAC
Iman Issa, Egypt
Alina Popa / Irina Gheorghe, Romania

Spike Island
Adnan Yildiz, Turkey

Townhouse Gallery
Jawad Al Malhi, Palestine

Vector Association
Ayman Ramadan, Egypt